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I provide a certification service for software developers known as certification. Certification consists of being listed on this page.

List of certified individuals:

  • Daniel Dersch - June 10, 2017


Many have benefited from the thought of being certified. Here, we list some of their thoughts on certification:

Jared Donboch, Senior Cloud Architect:

I need [ certification].

Luke Seelenbinder, Code Artist:

[] Certification is important for me to obtain my next level in life.


Q: What is certification? certification validates expertise in software development and is recognized by Daniel Dersch. A certified individual demonstrates the skills necessary to effectively develop software.

Q: Why should I pursue certification? certified individuals are recognized by Daniel Dersch as proficient software developers. The pursuit of this certification will expose you to concepts necessary to be an effective software developer.

Q: How do I become certified?

To become certified, one must be granted certification by Daniel Dersch.

Q: What are certification benefits?

Daniel Dersch personally recommends you for any position in software development and vouches for your expertise.

Q: How long does certification last?

A certification generally does not expire. However, certification can be revoked at any time with no explanation or notification to the previously certified individual. Thus, certified individuals should regularly consult this page to verify their certification.

Q: How can I prove my certification?

This page provides are list of all certified individuals. If you are on this list, then you are certified. Do note that upon receiving certification, it can take up to 72 hours to show up on this list. For emergency inquiries, directly contact Daniel Dersch.